Bitcoin  is a currency, such as the euro or the US dollar, which serves to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin  is an electronic currency  that presents novel features and stands out for its efficiency, security and ease of exchange.

Published on: 10/2/17, 5:26 PM

Millions of users use PayPal every day  , but also thousands of people  do not know what it is  or what it is for. If you are in this last group, today I will tell you everything about  PayPal: what it is , how to create an account, and  what it is for .

Published on: 10/2/17, 5:25 PM

A captcha is no more than a challenge-response test used in computing to determine when the user is human or not.

Captcha  or  CAPTCHA  stands for  Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart  (completely automatic and public Turing test to differentiate computers from humans). This test is controlled by a machine, rather than by a human as in the Turing test.Therefore, it consists of an inverse Turing test.

If they did not understand it then a captcha are those images with distorted letters and numbers that have to be deciphered to complete a form for example for a website to approve that we are real people and not robots.

Published on: 10/2/17, 5:23 PM

These pages that allow us to shorten links are truly a great tool that allows those who are dedicated to publish content to show more professionalism, but fundamentally give a touch of credibility and trust to our customers at the time of the call to action.

Many bloggers and publishers do not know this but the long links generate some distrust in the customers and more when you are focused on the sales business, this ignorance is the cause that your conversions are not appropriate and lose the opportunity to perform a number higher sales.


Published on: 10/2/17, 5:21 PM